HID Edge Reader Solo

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HID Edge Edge Read Solo

ESRP40 IP Access شԴԴе ºѵ HID ֧żҹ LAN ԹҤسҾ ҵðҹ٧ HID ҡԡ

  HID Edge Reader Solo ESRP40 IP Access Solution к ԴԴеٴºѵ HID Թ ҰҹФسҾ ٧ҡ ԡ µͧ ESRP40 IP Access ͡Ẻҹ Standalone 繵ͧк ش Controller 㹵 ESRP40 к Control 㹵 зӧҹҹ к Network IP Address кѡҤʹ㹡 Ѻ觢ͧŷҵðҹ SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 3.0 TLS (Transport Layer Security) 3.1 öѹ֡ѵ ʹ٢šüҹҵͧ ҡ Webbrowser ҹ IE ͧԴ ͧ HID Edge Reader Solo ESRP40 ͡Ẻö ҹ ҹѵ 2 ٻẺ ͷ¡ multiCLASS ͨ¡ ͧöҹѵ HID 125 kHz Ӿǡ Pox II ISO Prox II ֧ ҹѵ Ẻ i Cass 12.65 Mhz 㹵ǡѹ
͡ҡФسѵԷ㹢ҧ ESRP40 IP Access Control ѧդسѵ ѧ
ͧѺҹѵ HID ҡ֧ 1000 纺ѹ֡üҹһе 5000 ¡ ö save ʹ֧ üҹ͡ٻẺ csv еٻẺ Time Zone 8 ǧ ֧ ͧѺҹ ͵͡Ѻػó Network Power over Ethernet PoE öѺػóӾǡ ͹俿 ҡͧ µçա
ػ HID Edge Reader Solo ESRP40 IP Access Solution Թ Ѻͧ к Access Control ºѵ HID öӧҹҹк Network кѹ֡ʹ٢żҹ ͡ 繵ͧҡѺ شͧǺ ͤǺ÷ӧҹͧͧҡ öШѴкҧͧͧҹ WebBrowser ֧ҡ ͧõҹк POE ͧöӧҹѺк Network ػóͧѺҧ

HID Edge Reader Solo ESRP40 IP Access Solution

The EdgeReader multiCLASS Solo ESRP40 offers a cost-effective, stand-alone, single-door IP access control

   This easy-to-use solution enables remote management and report generation via standard web browser. All Edge Solo products utilize SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 3.0 and TLS (Transport Layer Security) 3.1 to provide a secure web browser connection. User information, administration, door configuration and retrieval of events are done through a user-friendly, instructional web environment. Bringing Intelligence
to the Door, the flexible EdgeReader Solo ESRP40 includes an integrated multiCLASS reader. And the EdgeReader Solo ESRP40 IP Access Solution can be converted from stand-alone operation to a system reader for a host environment quickly and easily through the webbrowser. There is never a need to go to the door.
Provides multi-technology card processing. Reads HID Prox, iCLASS


- Embedded User Interface, no external software requirement
- Remotely managed via standard web browser
- Web Browser Security -Edge Solo products use SSL 3.0 (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS 3.1(Transport Layer Security) to establish a secure web browser connection.
- Works within DHCP or Static IP networks for plug and play installation
Multi Language Support - Edge Solo supports the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish (International), Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Dutch and Turkish.
- Door Dashboard accesses door commands, status, alarms, and recent events from all screens
- Back-up and restore of data from user PC
- Built-in diagnostics
- Installer calling card allows inclusion of contact information for user support
- User upgradable firmware
- Built-in help screens
- Manages 1000 cardholders/credentials
- Manages Card only, PIN only, Card and PIN
- Manages 8 schedules and 3 intervals each day
- Manages PIN Suppression Schedules
- First Person In (Snow day) Schedules
- View last 5000 events
- Standardized report generation, including CSV export
- Built-in 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE), with 600 mA available for external field devices and locking hardware
- Easily migrates to a host based system - (OEM)
- Wet or Dry door relays
- Permits local laptop computer connections for diagnostics and configuration


Single-gang style electrical box
3.3 W x 4.8 H x 2.3 D
(83.8 mm x 121.9 mm x 57.9 mm)
11.8 x 11.8 x 1.0 (30.0 x 30.0 x 2.54 cm)
32-bit RISC CPU, 100 MHz processor
8 MB onboard Flash memory
Power Supply
1 A @ 12-16 VDC maximum
Recommended: Power is supplied using the Power over Ethernet technology available with PoE (802.3af ) enabled network devices.
Alternate: Supervised linear power supply with battery backup, input surge protection, and AC Fail and battery low contact outputs.
Relays can be configured to supply power as follows:
Available Power: The EdgeReader is capable of supplying a total of 600 mA to field devices.
Unpowered, relay contacts are rated for 2 A @ 30 VDC
Note: Use of a Listed Access Control / Burglary power-limited power supply is required for all Listed installations.
Transmit Frequency:
125 kHz
i Cass 12.65 Mhz
UL 294 Listed Component, CSA 205 for Canada, FCC Class A Verification (FCC and Industry Canada Certification for Reader only)
ICES-003 Class A Canada, EU (CE Marking), Australia (C-Tick Mark), New Zealand
Communication Ports
Ethernet 10 or 100 Mbps

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